Monday, July 7, 2014

My Writings

   As I am developing and editing "The Bob Page" website, I'm adding and deleting, and moving around various items.  One of the newest features will be a page where I will display some of my writing projects.  I hope to expand these writings into book form at some point, perhaps downloading them into an e-Book format.  In July/August, I am studying three online classes related to writing :  
  •  Publish and Sell Your e-Books
  •  Writing and Selling Self-Help Books
  •  Introduction to Internet Writing Markets
  •    [1]  One of those writing projects, "SAY WHAT?-- Everyday English Expressions Explained", already occupies a page on my site. CLICK ABOVE on the link to go to that site.  It is a collection of popular English colloquial expressions.  As time permits, I hope to research them more and develop a commentary explaining the origin and meaning of these expressions which we use so often in our everyday speech.
  •  [2]  Another of those projects, "The Sports Widow's Guide to Football", is also in progress, and this unfinished project is now downloaded to this site and I offer it for you to read and enjoy, and also to leave me comments and suggestions.
   My other projects [ presently on the backburner ] include : 
  • [3] "Make This Job and Love It" [an Enterpreneurial Business Guide]; 
  •  [4] "JFK Plus 50 : 50 Questions Still Left Unanswered" [a research and expose of the Kennedy Assassination]; 
  •  [5] "As E-Z as A-P-C" [an easy-to-read how-to book for beginning computer users]; 
  •  [6] a yet untitled Guitar Workbook & Video for beginning guitar playersand
  •   [7] "Sidekicks & Second Bananas : TV & Movie Role Players from the Golden Era" [a biographical sketch of many of the unknown but well-recognized background actors and actresses over the last fifty years].
   Quite an ambitious and challenging group of writing projects, if I do say so myself!  I'm aware that these projects will take some time to complete, but I've been "thinking" over these in my mind for some time now [a period of years], and I'm about ready to get serious about pouring my heart into actually finishing a few of them.

   This may be somewhat of a surprise for some of my friends and those of you that might occasionally read my blog site.  When you get over the initial shock, I hope that you will choose to support and encourage me in this endeavor.  Thanks to all of my friends and hopefully you will be holding or reading a completed version of one of these projects in the not too distant future.

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